what We do

We develop technologies that matter for businesses,
organizations and above all people


Work on UI and UX Design

In the world of Mobile and Web, it is not enough to develop a system with great features. The graphical design of brands is a key element to stand out from the crowd.

All successful applications have one thing in common: they combine visual design with technological ergonomics fulfilling customers at multiple levels. This requires a focused input of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) throughout the development cycle.

Artecha was born with the mission to help businesses transform concepts into easily marketable solutions, which must not only be highly functional, but also very attractive and appealing to the user.

The visual aspect of our works is based on the definition of principles agreed with the clients which result in the preparation of fully detailed prototypes, wireframes and mockups.

A functionally designed software with a solid UI including the design of individual elements such as buttons, icons, illustrations and the choice of font and colours will attract the targeted audience but will also lower the developing costs.


Work on Software Development

Artecha developers design and deliver custom built, market oriented and highly secured software.

We are able to launch projects, with a wide range of technologies providing fully dedicated teams for long-term projects but also part time engineering, supporting clients on ad hoc basis.


Work on IT Audit and System Review

Artecha ensures several Quality Assurance levels within a project. System reviews are performed for the following types of software: Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Desktop through different types.

Test cases
Our team carries out system reviews by using predefined test cases suitable to the environment. 

Test consultation
Artecha provides clients with dedicated experts to run system testing with a focus on IT infrastructure. Our engineers advise end users on experience and everything else related to the platform.

Ad hoc testing
This method is the least formal type of testing and is implemented without preparing test cases to quickly identify and fix the issues (system  bugs).


Work on Security Risk Consultancy

Our engineers are able to perform complex IT audits either remotely or onsite helping small and medium size businesses on:

  • Analysing procedures and development processes, adapting them up to the standards of the development processes (e.g. transfer/change management, requirements management, defect/issue management, configurations)
  • Training clients on custom built software, CRMs and secure communication systems (Stacks, Gateways, Protocols, Safety Viewing of protocols, etc.)
  • Defining security frameworks and vulnerabilities of the operating systems
  • Embedding security controls within IT architectures