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Main web development trends in 2019

Technologies do not stand still and are constantly evolving, and what was used several years ago may already be irrelevant today, or what they could not do several years ago has already become a reality. There are more modern tools that help you create web and mobile applications faster and better. Let’s look at the …


Progressive Web Apps: Why does your business need it right now

It’s amazing how quickly technology changes. Yesterday, everyone was amazed at the rapid development of native mobile applications, and today we are witnessing a new evolution. Let`s talk about Progressive Web App technology which was announced by Google in 2015, but becoming a popular trend nowadays. This is a technology that adds application functionality to …


Shaping Software into a Piece of Art

A lot of people seem surprised that someone interested in computers would also be interested in art. People seem to think that software development and artists are very different kinds of work, that development is cold, precise, and methodical, whilst art is the hectic expression of some primal urge.Both of these images are wrong. Developers …